Multi-Static Radar Networks and Synchronisation

Prof. Dr. Peter Knott, Fraunhofer Institute for High Frequency Physics and Radar Techniques FHR (Germany)

Foto of Prof. Dr. Peter Knott Prof. Dr. Peter Knott (M'96 SM'02) has received the Diploma and Ph.D. degree from RWTH Aachen University, Germany, in 1994 and 2003, respectively. In 1994, he joined the Fraunhofer Institute for High Frequency Physics and Radar Techniques FHR (formerly FGAN e.V.) in Wachtberg, Germany.

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Indoor Scene Analysis from Overhead Fisheye Cameras

Prof. Janusz Konrad, Boston University (USA)

Foto of Prof. Janusz Konrad Janusz Konrad received the Master’s degree from Technical University of Szczecin, Poland in 1980 and the PhD degree from McGill University, Montréal, Canada in 1989. He joined INRS-Télécommunications, Montréal as a post-doctoral fellow and, since 1992, as a faculty member. Since 2000, he has been on faculty at Boston University, Boston, MA, USA.

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Recent advances in 3D Radar Imaging of Non-Cooperative Targets

Prof. Marco Martorella, University of Pisa (Italy)

Foto of Prof. Marco Martorella Marco Martorella received his Laurea degree (Bachelor+Masters) in Telecommunication Engineering in 1999 (cum laude) and his PhD in Remote Sensing in 2003, both at the University of Pisa. He is now an Associate Professor at the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Pisa and an external Professor at the University of Cape Town where he lectures within the Masters in Radar and Electronic Defence.

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On enhancing data-driven structural health monitoring with explicit and implicit procedures

Dr. David García Cava, University of Edinburgh, (Scotland)

Foto of Dr. David García Cava Dr. David García Cava has received his degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Madrid, M.Sc in Advanced Structural Engineering from Edinburgh Napier University and his Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Strathclyde, Glasgow in 2006, 2012 and 2016 respectively. He is currently a Chancellor Fellow in the School of Engineering at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Novel DL methods in SAR image processing

Prof. Feng Xu, Fudan University (China)

Foto of Prof.Feng Xu Prof. Feng Xu received the B.E. with honor in Information Engineering from Southeast University, Nanjing, China and the Ph.D. with honor in Electronic Engineering from Fudan University, Shanghai, China, in 2003 and 2008, respectively. From 2008 to 2010, he was a postdoctoral fellow with the NOAA Center for Satellite Application and Research (STAR), Camp Springs, MD.

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